Trend Report Questions

Q. Can you please help me understand the trend report better? It is not showing calculated or average SG per bucket because it shows positive SG. Does it take the average total SG and then compare the bucket to that average?

A. All results in the trend report and charts are relative to your own average. So if you went from -8 sg total to -6, it would show ad a gain of 2 sg per round over the time period.

Q. What does number of buckets mean and rounds per bucket in the new trend feature on the app?

A. Suppose you select 20 rounds for reporting.
In the trend reports section, if you choose 2 buckets, then the earliest 10 rounds will go into the first ‘bucket’ (i.e., first bar on the chart) and the most recent 10 rounds will go into the second bucket (i.e., second bar on the chart). If you choose 8 buckets, then the rounds will be ordered sequentially in time (from earliest to the most recent) with either 2 or 3 rounds per bucket (or bar).

Q: “What do the trends actually show , I have input 2 rounds worth of details and on the PDF generated report (Trend report page) my all shots figure shows -387.2 in the 8 day round improvement column ..what does that actually mean ? is it just there is not enough data in the system for me yet ?”

A: That’s correct. The trend reports make much more sense when you have 8 or more rounds, not 2. Extrapolating from 2 rounds leads to nonsense results, as you saw.