Golfmetrics is an app system that uses data and analytics to measure and improve golf performance and strategy.

While your scores will give an indication of where you stand at a macro level, scores alone can’t identify your strengths and weaknesses. Traditional stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation, and putts per round give only a crude (and sometimes misleading) indication of where you stand relative to other golfers. New strokes gained results can more accurately pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses in driving, approach shots, short game and putting, and in more detailed subcategories.

The Golfmetrics app allows you to enter information and see strokes gained results with any Apple or Android smart phone. (Of course the app provides traditional stats as well.) No longer do you have to rely on your memory, inaccurate traditional stats, or guesswork. Now you can better focus your limited practice time and track your improvement.

The Golfmetrics effort was begun nearly fifteen years ago and its database of over 100,000 amateur golf shots allows the accurate benchmarking of golfers of all skill levels. A key milestone in the acceptance of the strokes gained method was the publication in 2014 of Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie. The strokes gained method has been used by the PGA Tour to measure putting of tour pros since May 2011 and tee-to-green shots since 2014. Broadie worked with the PGA Tour on their implementation of strokes gained driving (off the tee), strokes gained approach and strokes gained short game (around the green) that were introduced in May 2016. Golfmetrics allows amateurs of all abilities to get the same strokes gained information as the pros!

Are you ready to take the leap to greater understanding and improvement of your golf game?

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