Sand: Is it possible to split the SAND stats in fairway bunkers and greenside bunkers? Or do you consider fairway bunker recovery shots. Is all sand shot from within 100 meters are considered the same?

Currently there is a ‘sand 0-100’ category. Results from, say, 100-150 yards, are not currently split into fairway, rough and sand (but that is something we are planning for a later release).

A fairway bunker shot is typically not a recovery shot, but could be. To be called a recovery shot, the ball should be in a position where the player cannot play a ‘normal’ shot to reach the green. For example, if the player could reach the green with a 5-iron but the lip of the bunker forces the player to use a pitching wedge that can’t reach the green, then that should be labeled a ‘recovery’ shot. Otherwise it should be labeled ‘sand.’