Number Decimals

Controlled by “options(3bar)/Number of Decimals)

. yards, par are hole numbers
. score: one round, whole number
. score: multiple round, numDecimals
. SG: numDecimals

. handicap: whole numbers
. SG: numDecimals

SG (4) charts/tables
. numDecimals (no change)

Standard Statistics:
Average Score per Rnd: numDecimals
Greens in Reg per Rnd: numDecimals
Fairways Hit: whole numbers
Sand Saves: whole numbers
Eagles: numDecimals
Birdies: numDecimals
Par: numDecimals
Bogeys: numDecimals
Double Bogeys: numDecimals
Triple Bogeys: numDecimals
Quad and worse: numDecimals
Avg score Par 3s: numDecimals
Avg score Par 4s: numDecimals
Avg score Par 5s: numDecimals
Putts per Rnd: numDecimals
Penalty Strokes per Rnd: numDecimals
Drive Dis Avg: whole numbers
Drive Dis 75 Pct: whole numbers