When to use Tee: When you hit an iron off the tee for position, should you still use ”tee” or recovery as you are not going with driver?

Tee, not recovery.   It is true that hitting an iron off the tee might lead to a negative strokes gained for the tee shot, but it can be a better decision because using a driver would lead to a more negative SG.  ‘Recovery’ should be used as a label for ‘non-tee and non-fairway’ shot where the player is forced to use a different club or different line that would normally be chosen for the shot.  For example, in the rough if you’d normally hit a 5-iron toward the green, but you are in the woods and instead punch out to the fairway.  For another example, in the rough you’d normally hit a 5 iron straight to the green but the rough is so deep that you take a wedge to ‘hack it out’.  In both examples, the lie should be labeled as ‘recovery.’  A ‘recovery’ label places the ‘blame’ for a two-shot sequence on the first shot, not the second shot (i.e., the shot that led to the recovery lie).