Shot Entry Timing: Weighing the option of adding my stats after every shot, after every hole or after every round. Based on your experience, is there any downside to logging after the round vs during ? Do you have specific SG scorecards to help manually capture all the data needed?

This is really a personal preference. I log after every shot and then forget about the shot and the hole score. Others enter all shots for a hole between holes. Finally, many enter after the round. This requires a few notes on a scorecard (we don’t have a special scorecard). You can find an example of these ‘notes’ here: (not sure exactly where in his feed it is, since he tweets a lot).

Downside of during the round: Some people think during the round interferes. (Me: I log shots instead of using a scorecard.)

Upside of during the round: No note needed, report available immediately after the round, no time wasted entering data post-round.