Practice Rounds: I’d love to be able to use the app to record specific practice sessions to track my progress. For example, I play 18 hole rounds on the practice green, using a random number generator on my phone to determine the length of each first putt. I record the results on a scorecard and manually enter them on a spreadsheet that calculates strokes gained based on a database I found online. It would be much easier if I could do that on your app.

You can already do this with the app. When adding a new round, create a new course called, say, prac putt (shorter for practice putt). Then enter data for each “hole,” changing the first shot from “tee” to “green.” As long as your practice session concludes with a hole out, this will compute strokes gained for your practice putting.

You can also do the same with “prac chip”, where if you don’t hole out, you can look at the strokes gained short game results and ignore the strokes gained putting results.