Calculation Questions

1. Is SG per shot approximately normally distributed?
Nowhere is this used or needed in any calculations.

2. For a X-shooter, one can deduce the average SG per shot and then map their expectations against that. So, eg for a 90-shooter, about 2.5 shots of the excess over scratch comes from putting, so the balance – 15.5 comes from off green. On basis of scratch taking 32 putts, this means the 90-shooter takes 55.5 shots to the scratch golfers 40. Hence a typical shot is -0.28 SG. It would be reasonable for a 90-shooter to recreate the tables using a factor of 0.72 to work out where to expect to be and hence then derive SG against personal expectation. Is this valid and/or has this already been derived???

We will be adding additional benchmarks for 80-, 85- 90- 95-golfers to the app. Your method isn’t quite the way we go about it, but it seems to be quite reasonable.

3. The Green, Proximity and Putting Results page shows my sand from 0-50 as 64 ft. I only had one shot from 0-50 yards recorded for the full round. I played the 380 yard hole as follows: Tee shot to fairway, 164 yards to pin, hit it into greenside bunker, 7 yards to pin, hit it on green, 18 feet to pin, two putt. I entered the info as Tee 380, Fairway 164, Sand 7, Green 18, Green 1. Did I enter the info incorrectly so as to get a 64 ft average on sand shots inside 50 yards?
The proximity numbers are ‘normalized’ to the midpoint, i.e., 25 yards. That way more shots from 8 yards than 48 yards won’t make your proximity results look ‘artificially’ better.