Strokes Gained and OWGR

Q: How can I convert my strokes gained into performance points like they do in the OWGR ?

A: Sorry, but that’s not really possible. The ‘strokes gained world ranking’ on the OWGR website uses professional scores of players playing in the same events in the same rounds, which doesn’t happen here. A rough rule of thumb is that you’d need to be a +6 to +9 handicap in all shot categories in the Golfmetrics app to be close to PGA Tour level skill.

Q: Thank you so much for your answer. When I look at the strokes gained and performance points on the OWGR, the ratios varies considerably and I cannot understand why. Here are a two examples:

1. McIlroy Strokes gained 2.37 Performance points 14.52 Ratio 6.13
2. Thomas Strokes gained 1.96 Performance points 9.63 Ratio 4.91

I heard that you had worked with the OWGR and maybe you can tell me how the performance points are computed that would explain different ratios.

A: This is an OWGR question, not Golfmetrics. The performance points are an exponential transformation of strokes gained values. You can see this curve by downloading the file from the OWGR website here