Quickstart: Is there any sort of instructional guide?

There is significant detail on how to use the app in the various help menus at the bottom of the app indicated by the “?”. However, here is a “quickstart” guide:

. Once you have registered and subscribed, start by pressing “Add Round”

. Start by adding your first course. This can be done by typing the name of the course in the textbox that is labeled “New”. Once entered, the app will remember the name in the course dropdown.

. The player name and date can be changed, otherwise, click “Add Round”

. The round will now appear in the round list. You can start by adding shots by tapping the round just created.

. Shots are added by pressing “Add Shot”. To get accurate Strokes Gained calculation, it is important to enter the correct start location (Tee, Fairway, Sand, Rough, Green) and distance to the hole (feet for green, yards for all others). The app will default to start location based on prior shot.

. To enter a single shot, press “Add”. Multiple shots can be added by pressing “Add/Next” and then “Add”
after the final shot.

. When this is done, the Strokes Gained will be displayed for each shot as well as the total.
Swiping or using the hole dropdown will move to the next hole.

. To view overall results, press the Round Tab and all the results can be viewed by swiping.