What is the Mental Feature?

Q) What is the new mental feature?
A) The new mental feature is an addition to the existing shot entry system under which each golf shot hit is given a mental score between 1 and 5

Q) What is a mental score?
A) A mental score is a number assigned to a golf shot based on a number of different criteria such as the process one has towards the golf shot, clarity of shot one plans on hitting and the commitment level of the golf swing.

Q) How does one rate a shot mentally?
A) A mental rating is based on the level of commitment one has on the shot. The result of the shot should not influence this rating but rather the commitment to the pre-shot routine, clarity of intended shot in the mind and freedom of the swing should be key factors in determining the mental score for the shot.
A shot with minimal to no commitment in the pre-shot routine, lack of clarity with intended shot and no trust in the swing should be given a 1 while a shot that has a great pre-shot routine, clear vision of the shot one plans on hitting and complete trust and freedom in the swing should be given a 5.

Q) What is the process and commitment to a golf shot?
A) The process of a golf shot refers to the pre-shot routine that one has for every shot they hit. This routine is something every golfer can rely on in pressure situations. Having a consistent pre-shot routine which includes planning and visualizing a shot as well as making a committed golf swing can have a major impact and improve a golfer’s strokes gained per round tremendously.

Q) How do we log in the mental score for every shot?
A) While logging in the start location for a shot, on the same screen at the bottom there are 5 mini boxes with each labelled from 1 to 5 with the number selected being the mental score assigned to that particular shot.

Q) Does one have to log in a mental score for every shot hit?
A) You may choose which shots you would like to log your mental score for. For example, if you have a tap in putt or a chip out from the trees you may not feel the need to log in the mental score. In such cases the strokes gained for those shots will not be used in the mental game statistics.

Q) What if I am not confident over the golf ball and yet hit a great shot? What score should I give myself?
A) To rate the mental score for this shot, we must ignore the end result of the golf ball and only focus on the process and mindset in the golf shot. Since a person in this scenario did not have any commitment to the process or confidence and commitment in the shot hit, the mental score should be very low.

Q) What is the use of the Mental feature
A) The mental feature is aimed at bringing a direct relationship between the commitment to the process of hitting a golf shot and its subsequent result. One major aim for this feature is to show that the result of a golf shot isn’t always directly linked to the technique one has but is also influenced by other factors such as clarity of shot one intends on hitting and trust in the swing one makes. Oftentimes not having a clear vision of the type of shot one wants to hit can result in feeling uncomfortable over the ball resulting in a bad shot that has a loss in strokes gained. Such a shot would clearly show in the mental statistics as a loss in strokes gained caused by a low mental score.

Q) What is SG vs Mental?
A) SG vs Mental is a chart that uses the mental score logged in for each shot and connects it to the strokes gained for those shots and presents a bar graph to show an average strokes gained per shot for different mental scores.

Q) How can the SG vs Mental graph be used to improve my game?
A) The addition of this graph will show a correlation between every mental score and the subsequent average strokes gained per shot for that mental score. Seeing this graph, a golfer will learn to spend more time working on the process and visualization of each shot rather than simply working on the technical side of the game.