Glossary: Is there a Glossary or explanation of terms?

Tee distance: the distance from the tee to the center of the green measured along the fairway, i.e., the distance on the scorecard.

Fairway distance: the distance from the shot location to the hole. (Note: you never have to enter the distance a shot travels into Golfmetrics.)

Penalty: there isn’t a distance associated with penalty shots. Example: Say your tee shot goes into the water and you make a lateral drop. For shot 2 select
“penalty”. For shot 3 select the ball location (e.g., rough or fairway) and distance to the hole after the penalty drop.

Recovery: A recovery shot is a “condition” like “rough” that should be selected when you can’t hit a “normal” shot toward the hole. For example, if you are in the woods and have
to chip back toward the fairway, that would be a recovery shot. Think of the ball in the “woods” as being in a “recovery location.”

Green: these are strokes on the green whether you use a putter or not. (If you are off the green on the fairway and use a putter the “condition” should be fairway, not green. The club used never matters in determining the location of the ball.)