“Forced Layup”: my course have a number of par4 dog leg. From the tee you cannot hit directly towards the hole due to some berry tall tree. When hitting a parfect iron into the fairway I lose strokes gained. Any pro / scratch golfer can gain better due to the nature of the shot. How to alter this so i gives me 0 SG for a shot in the fairway?

For a ‘forced layup’ shot you will have a negative SG, but this is a better choice than taking a driver and hitting into trees or worse trouble. This is a situation where the SG for a given shot is not as accurate as it could be. However, if you track your results over time at this course, overall changes will indicate progress.

The only other ‘solution’ is to ‘artificially’ increase the hole length. This would change the SG (but would also incorrectly factor into the drive distance standard statistic).