*** To set up a team (manually)

1. upload the team file using fullteam299, format:

2. Using php edit the team table:

change all team colTeamSpare1 “normal” to “fullteam299”

Note: team upload can be modified to accept this

3. PHPMYADMIN insert into validateIOS table:

Coach / purchaser:
insert into validateIOS (UID,purchase_type,purchase_date_ms) values (‘’,’fullteam299′,’1504894787147′)

coach, players:
insert into validateIOS (UID,purchase_type,purchase_date_ms) values (‘’,’academic-299′,’1504894787147′)

4. Email to user:

Emily – Your team is setup. What each person (player and coach) need to do is:

1. download the app from the apple app or google play stores
2. Register on the first screen. It will ask your first, last names, email and pw.
Note that the first/last names entered will appear on the team results.
Insure that the email(s) are the ones that you provided
3. Start using the app