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Subscription Options


1 month: $9.99
6 month: $39.99
12 month: $69.99

Team, 14 players and coaches

12 month: $299

The app can also be trialed for 5 days free of charge.

Subscription options are chosen either by pressing “Add Round” or “options(3bar)>Upgrade subscription”.
Thanks for you interest.

File format explanation

This page will generate a CSV (comma seperated value) file of all shots for the team the coach has ownership of.
The resultant file has a layout of n + 1 lines where “n” is the number of shots in the database plus 1 line for the header. The header describes the contents of a given shot line. Note that only shots are represented; holes without shots are not represented.

The line format is as follows:


The fields are explained as follows:

roundid: Unique (database) round ID
uid: User ID, typically their email address
username: The “human” name of the user as they entered on registration, typically first, last name
golfername: The entered name of the golfer on the round
date: The entered date of the round
course: The entered course
round: Round number
score: score of the round
holeid: Unique (database) hole ID
hnum: Hole number of the shot
shotid: Unique shot ID
stroke: Shot number
startpos: Start position by database key
Deep Rgh=6;

holedis: Distance to the hole. All distances in yards except green which is feet
recovery: Recovery shot, value “1”
pickup: Pickup shot, value “1”
penalty: Single stroke penalty if value “1”, double stroke penalty, value “2”
prosg: Strokes Gained “pro” value
scrsg: Strokes Gained “scratch” value

. In the case of Recovery and Penalty, “startposition” has limited meaning as Recovery and Penalty conditions take precedence in Strokes Gained calculation. Recovery and Penalty appear in the app in the Start Pos field.
. In the case of Pickups, the Strokes Gained values does not appear on the phone (“Pckup” is shown) and can be ignored.
. If recorded in meters, values translated to yards (off green) and feet (on green) when stored to database.

Number Decimals

Controlled by “options(3bar)/Number of Decimals)

. yards, par are hole numbers
. score: one round, whole number
. score: multiple round, numDecimals
. SG: numDecimals

. handicap: whole numbers
. SG: numDecimals

SG (4) charts/tables
. numDecimals (no change)

Standard Statistics:
Average Score per Rnd: numDecimals
Greens in Reg per Rnd: numDecimals
Fairways Hit: whole numbers
Sand Saves: whole numbers
Eagles: numDecimals
Birdies: numDecimals
Par: numDecimals
Bogeys: numDecimals
Double Bogeys: numDecimals
Triple Bogeys: numDecimals
Quad and worse: numDecimals
Avg score Par 3s: numDecimals
Avg score Par 4s: numDecimals
Avg score Par 5s: numDecimals
Putts per Rnd: numDecimals
Penalty Strokes per Rnd: numDecimals
Drive Dis Avg: whole numbers
Drive Dis 75 Pct: whole numbers

Team mods 8/29/16

The php team code has been updated to streamline the processing and perform some error checking as follows:

. the team file is read line by line
. the first line must minimally contain “team:team name” (price type default it “normal”)
. checks to see if UID is a member of any team
. if yes, it updates (overwrites) the record with team name, role, price type
. if no, it creates a new recrod with UID, team name, role, price type
. empty lines are disgarded

Team / Academic support

When fully available, to use the new academic subscription categories, you can upload files that use the new categories:

. normal (39.99)
. friends (19.99)
. free (00.00)

They would look like this:




This will also work (but explicit is preferrable), notice no “:type”.


. The “type” extends across the whole team.
. if a file is loaded once and names added and then loaded again, the program will not create duplicate entries
. Currently there is no fault tolerance / checking with respect to the “:type” syntax
. At some point, editing will be needed to remove team members. However, this can currently be done using godaddy phpadmin.


191003: Backup/restore for 2 course tables

sand bug (email 5/8)
meter issue
x check PW reset
x wrong 3-6 (4/25 email)
FAQ update
x buy sub early
past date round add
x space in email
x # in pw
x check purcahse retry

Optimize searches
Mail improvement on new PW

180829: Results from, say, 100-150 yards, are not currently split into fairway, rough and sand (but that is something we are planning for a later release).

180829: Will there be an option to also enter if you miss the fairway left or right and also the approch to the green left/right/ short or long? This would be interesting to add.

180222: When XXX makes an analysis on multiple rounds and I do the same with his data on my phone / app, some differences turn up in the green, proximity and putting table. … When I deleted the rounds and did get team data again they were the same. Maybe XXX made an adjustment after I got the data. This can be confusing, iThis can be confusing, is there a way to update the changes on the background?

171030: Is there a way to filter just front or back nine results.

171005: I love all the data the app provides. One thing that might be nice to do for your subscribers is offer a more in-depth year end analysis. For example, have more distance buckets broken out and within those buckets break it out it even further to starting location i.e. fairway, rough, sand. The same for putting stats. I can\’t imagine it would take too long to create a report with that level of detail for your annual subscribers.

170906: In the results section, it would be great to have a list of x “best” shots and y “worst” shots – based of course on the rounds selected.

170831: Start pos default changes (jkchicago)
par 3: shots >1 start on green
par 4: shot 2 start on fairway, >2 start on green
par 5: shot 2,3, start on fairway, >3 start on green

170804: hi. can you add a language Selection.

170320: Was wondering if there are plans to allow analysis of year-over-year in the various categories so one can pinpoint areas where one improved and more importantly areas for improvement. Also, it would be nice if some of the practice drills you reference in the book and in some of your golf articles were also available in the app to make scoring practice session easier.

170320: Hi, first, I love the app and use it religiously. The only thing I don’t see it offering is a list of shots sorted by strokes gained. I’d love to see a list of my best shots and worst shots as well. Thank you. Michael Guli

170320: course name edit and remove

170320: I would love to see a ‘Total Feet of Putts Made’ per round stat. Just an idea. Love the product. Mike Guli

170315: Mark, I have been enjoying the app for over a year now. So much easier than my previous spreadsheet I used to track strokes gained. Was wondering if there are plans to allow analysis of year-over-year in the various categories so one can pinpoint areas where one improved and more importantly areas for improvement. Also, it would be nice if some of the practice drills you reference in the book and in some of your golf articles were also available in the app to make scoring practice session easier. Jeff Kelley

161101. I think the app needs to be clearer about this, perhaps showing SG per shot in the handicap table?Jeff Kelley

161107. It would also be nice to have a summary page that shows the top three areas that need improvement so one can develop a practice plan. A snapshot for improvement so to speak. Also the holes that need the most work in relation to par snapshot.

161107. also use it for practice but it would be nice if the practice drills were part of the app and could be scored within the app. Not just a stroke gained score but a score in terms of points

161107. It would also be nice to be able to delete course in the add a round section.

160727. One of the features we’ll be adding in “select rounds” is the option to choose all rounds from a given “course”, so that you can look at your practice rounds separately from your real rounds.